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Siebo 5000 - full mobile trommel screen

Our latest development for modern waste treatment, screening and separation of excavated soil, compost, biomass or similar materials.

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Cleanfix® reversing fan
pluggable hopper extension
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longer conveyor belts
Magnets for fine / coarse grain conveyor belt

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under carriage 2-axle-trailer
admissible total weight 16.000 kg

Volume approx. 6 m³

Power 55 kW / 75 PS,
Emission class EU Stage 5 EPA,
Tier 4 final

Screening Trommel
Trommel length 4.550 mm
Trommel diameter 2.000 mm

Conveyor belts
Fine belt (one-piece) 7.200 mm
Fine belt width 1.000 mm
Discharge height (30°) 3.500 mm
Coarse belt 5.500 mm
Coarse belt width 1.000 mm
Discharge height (30°) 3.500 mm



Siebo 5000

The trommel screen Siebo 5000 is a full mobile trommel screen made in Germany.